18Oct 2016

The Press Release: Does it belong in modern PR?

Earlier this year Forbes addressed the age-old question whether the press release is still a viable public relations tool. The article quoted TechCrunch Editor at Large Mike Butcher stating, “Mostly, ‘press releases’ are written in the way a PR’s client would write a news story. They are usually pretty rambling and designed to please the client.” [Sorry, clients. We didn’t say it, they did.] But that does open a big can of worms about the state of the press release and what it should look like.

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21Sep 2016

Live Streaming on Social Media: What it means for your brand

We’re back for another episode of the Brand-On! In this episode we have social media and public relations executives Erin and Margaret along side account coordinator (and social media enthusiast) Jon! Tune in as we talk social networks and the implementation of live steaming content! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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30Jun 2016

The importance of storytelling

We spend our childhood being told stories. Stories are meant to leave an impact- to recall an emotion, evoke a feeling, conjure a memory. An old Native American Proverb perfectly sums up the impact of storytelling: Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.

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13May 2016

The Interview

‘Tis the season where hundreds of thousands of college graduates are putting on their caps and gowns, getting that diploma in hand and taking the job search head on.

The question at hand is, do college graduates know what it takes to make their resume land them a phone screening? Or what small things it takes to get that perfect internship overlooked? We took to our Director of Public Relations and Social Media to learn a little more about his process.

Check it out now on our latest and greatest. Cheers!

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22Apr 2016

Account Manager: Boring Title, but Lots of Fun

Ever wanted to work at an advertising agency? Ever wonder what each job title does on a day to day basis? Agency life can be complicated. It is filled with many moving parts connected like gears to develop and execute winning concepts and campaigns for clients. We pulled one of our account team members aside to get an inside look into what life as an account manager is like and it sounded like a ton of fun.

Grab yourself a cold brew and join us for this week’s edition of Brand-On!

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25Mar 2016

The Good, the Bad and Miley….

What do Twitter, Boaty McBoatface and Hannah Montana have in common? They are all trending and we discuss each of them during this week’s edition of Brand-On. Grab yourself a cold brew and join us.

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04Mar 2016

We Love Advertising… And Beer

Brand-On is back at it again. This week we take a creative approach to two things we love, advertising and BEER! That’s right. Join us as we talk through various scenarios we encounter working at an advertising agency and the beer of choice to help us channel our inner creativity per the situation. So pour yourself a cold brew and join us. Be sure to listen to the end, there is a special prize in store waiting for you.

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19Feb 2016

Grumpies and Grammy’s

Welcome back to Brand-On, The Brandon Agency’s biweekly podcast series on all the latest and greatest news in the marketing communications industry. Tune in this week as we breakdown the 2016 Grammy’s and the top Instagram posts from the big night, as well as social media tips on how to handle loud users on your (or your clients) social sites.

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04Feb 2016

Workplace Communication: To chat or not to chat.

Communication in the workplace has vastly changed over the past decade. How we communicate with our clients and co-workers varies from office to office, but one thing is certain- our reliance on electronic communication is at an all time high. Join us as we discuss the good and the ugly of how we communicate in the workplace.

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22Jan 2016

Jargon in the Workplace: Does it belong?

Brand On podcast is back at it again! Let’s hit the ground running. We are all guilty of workplace jargon: WOD, synergy, think outside the box, low hanging fruit bandwidth… The list goes on, and on, and on. We use them in spite of knowing that they are irritating. Are they useful? Or have we developed a crutch because we have become lazy with how we communicate with our peers.

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