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08Dec 2020

4 Ways Telecom Marketers Can Boost Their Internet Business and the Customer Experience

In the telecommunications industry, internet service is an undeniably hot commodity these days. Few modern homes lack an internet connection, and a long list of devices within them — from computers, smartphones and TVs to security systems, doorbells, appliances and even light bulbs — connect to the internet to give homeowners added capabilities, comfort and control. And as a result, today’s consumers want fast and reliable internet service in their increasingly connected homes.

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04Nov 2020

5 Ways Robots Can Rev Up the Retail Experience

Especially in an age when consumers can do nearly all of their shopping from the comfort of their couches — ordering items ranging from groceries and hardware to electronics, apparel and nearly everything in between, all from online retailers with just a few clicks of their smartphones — the retail experience has taken on all-new levels of importance. To effectively draw consumers into their brick-and-mortar stores, savvy retailers must go to new lengths to offer an experience that shoppers simply can’t get online or on their phones.

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13Oct 2020

How Apparel Brands are Building ‘Brand Love’ During the Pandemic

The global coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses of all segments and sizes the world over — both in ways that negatively impact the bottom line and, in a rare few cases, can actually boost it. And in a new normal that sees large portions of the global workforce working from home (where the dress code is typically more relaxed than in the office, to say the least) and that has also decidedly changed the way consumers shop for wardrobe additions, the pandemic has created dramatic shifts in a number of business areas for apparel brands.

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06Oct 2020

Evolving Amenities: 3 Ways the Most-Desired Community Features Have Changed Over the Past 20 Years

For those in real estate development, the business landscape can be a constantly shifting one — with changes largely fueled by ever-evolving consumer preferences. And when it comes to the private community amenities that are most likely to attract modern buyers, what was popular with yesterday’s homebuyer can fairly quickly be seen as dated by the homebuyer of tomorrow. As a result, developers trying to determine the most attractive community amenities package for the homebuyer of the era certainly have their work cut out for them.

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31Aug 2020

9 Simple Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Facebook Ads

When a brand seeks to market to the specific population segments that might be most open to its offerings, there are few better ways to reach a more highly targeted group of potential buyers than via Facebook advertising. After all, the powerhouse social platform boasts more than 220 million users in the United States (with more than 223 million expected by 2023), making it the nation’s most popular social platform by a long shot. Further, its options for audience segmentation when placing ads include a range of variables such as location, age, gender, interests, behavior and connections — just to name a few, and all of which can be mixed and matched to dial in the exact audience of choice.

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29Jul 2020

8 Signs It’s Time for Your Business to Consider a Rebrand

It happens to brands all the time — the business has evolved over time, and the original name, logo, website or other identifying assets just aren’t quite the fit they used to be. Or, while they may still be a fit, they’ve become dated and in need of a refresh. Yet another possibility to consider: Maybe the branding just doesn’t (and perhaps never really did) accurately reflect the business’s true corporate identity, its purpose or the unique offerings that set it apart from the competition.

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22Jul 2020

8 Top Online Marketing KPIs and Why They Matter

For a marketing campaign to reach its full potential and become as effective as possible, concrete ways to qualify and quantify successes and failures must be put into place. The primary benefits of employing such campaign measuring sticks is that they enable campaign administrators to ramp up tactics that are proving successful and, when tactics aren’t reaching their goals, to modify or eliminate them.

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